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Our Biankha dolls were created to empower young girls to be confident, ambitious and inquisitive. Every doll is accompanied by a collectable card, which your children can treasure and use to provoke conversations and new interests.
How do I use the cards to open dialogues with my children?
Each card describes the type of person that Biankha is and her attributes. You will see that some words are underlined. It’s these words that have been carefully used and selected to prompt a discussion with your children. E.g.
Child: “what’s a C.E.O?”
Parent: “Someone who owns their own company.”
Parent: “Can you think of anyone else you know who is opulent/ majestic?” “What makes them opulent/ majestic?”
Why does each card end with an ‘I AM?’
Research shows that speaking positively about oneself only encourages positive outcomes and self- image. Affirmations are so important to an individual, as they rewrite your subconscious mind into only thinking positive things. Biankha always ends her day by saying something positive about herself. ‘I am kind’, ‘I am generous’, ‘I am hard working’ etc.
A positive affirmation before bed time can be written into your childrens bed time/ morning routine to encourage positivity.

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Biankha and friends was created to empower, motivate and inspire, in particular, young girls of colour, to excel in the 21st century. Our mission is to educate and encourage young girls to embrace their culture and heritage, whilst succeeding in a modern and ever changing society, through dolls, role play, books, animation and everyday items.
Biankha and friends was created by Charlotte Francis, a single mother to her only daughter after noticing a shortage in the availability of ethnic dolls in high street stores and low morale and self- esteem amongst the young girls of colour Charlotte has worked with. Biankha was designed and created from scratch by Charlotte and her name derives from the word ‘Ankh’, the Egyptian symbol for life.
Our mission is to educate young children about their true history and encourage them to strive to reach their full potential, whilst taking pride in their culture and communities. We hope to ‘inspire little princesses to become queens’.

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