Today, in my other role, I had to sit down with a teenage girl and discuss colourism.
We explored why she had formed her opinions, I taught her where those thoughts originated from, we agreed that the struggle for all hues of ebony were similar and we spoke of the importance of sisterhood and unity to ascend out of the depths of colourism, which only add to the black struggle. She spoke of her experiences already at the tender age of 13 and cried when revisiting the times when she felt like she wasn’t enough.
Whilst we fight amongst ourselves, the real problem isn’t addressed or resolutioned.
Against all our will, all children will face adversity and prejudices throughout their lives ? as we have all had to bare in the past.
One thing we can do is prepare them to be resilient, weaponise them with education in the face of their oppressor and teach them a self love , so ferocious that they will dismiss anything that tells them otherwise.
Biankha dolls will teach our children to embrace who they are, know their true history and have high aspirations ??.
Biankha dolls – coming very soon !! In a land not too far away from here,
There lives a little girl with a smile, so sincere.

She’s called Biankha, her name: Egyptian, ‘Ankh’ stands for eternal life; an ancient inscription.
Biankha is a girl of African descent,
She’s fearless, kind and very content.
She’s a curly haired queen, and couldn’t be prouder,
When talking of her culture, she couldn’t be any louder.
Her history tells of stories of the noble, bright and brave,
From Pharaohs, to bus rides and carnival parades.
Biankha is proud of her natural hair,
But it wasn’t always easy for her to wear.
At school, it seemed everyone’s hair was straight,
And sometimes Biankha questioned her natural trait.
As time went on and her confidence grew,
Biankha’s curly crown stood tall, proud and new.
Biankha will teach you to embrace who you are,
Be proud of what you have and you’ll go very far.
You are a little princess, keep your head up to be seen, You’ve been gifted with all the power,
On your journey to become a Queen. © 2017 Biankha and friends ltd. All rights reserved.

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